50+ Practical Research Topics for SHS and College Students

There are really a lot of possible topics for research in the Senior High School more so in College. A few of such matters are discussed thoroughly in The Process of Making Research Titles.

On this page, I prepared more of such topics. This time, they are grouped according to type-qualitative and quantitative. These research topics encompass matters such as accounting, business, management, and the like.

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50+ Practical Research Topics for SHS and College Students

Writing a practical research paper is a crucial component of the academic curriculum in Senior High School as it fosters vital skills and understanding of various topics. 

This endeavor equips students with abilities for intellectual growth and practical application. Most importantly, through research, students learn academic excellence and the foundation for a future of informed decision-making, problem-solving, and the like.

Specifically, practical research helps:

  • hone communication skills
  • sharpen critical thinking abilities
  • enhance problem-solving skills
  • foster awareness of market dynamics
  • encourage effective financial planning
  • promote a deep understanding of market trends
  • prepare students for real-world challenges

Without further ado, here are the sample qualitative and quantitative research topics and titles for senior high school and college students.

Qualitative and Quantitative Research Titles and Topics - ABM

  • Challenges Faced by Local Food Stalls in (mention a specific town)
  • Cultural Influences on Business Traditions in (mention a specific place)
  • Family Business Traditions and their Success Stories : Multiple Case Studies
  • Challenges Faced by ABM Students and How They Surpass them
  • Ethical Dilemmas Faced by Small Business Owners in (state a city)
  • Challenges and Success Stories of Select Entrepreneurs in (place)
  • Learning Strategies for Visual Learners in the ABM Strand.
  • Strategies of Small Local Businesses in (mention a place)
  • Ethical Dilemmas in Local Business: A Qualitative Study
  • Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives Among Local Companies in (mention a region)
  • Environmental Sustainability Practices of Local Businesses in (the place)
  • Marketing Stories of Sari-sari Store Owners in (mention a town)
  • Consumer Behavior in (mention a local region) Fast Food Chains
  • Pricing Strategies for Local Online Retailers in (state a place)
  • Relationship Between Study Habits and General Average of Students in (specific school or place)
  • Effectiveness of Blended Learning in (state a specific school)
  • E-commerce Adoption Among Small Businesses in (mention a town)
  • Financial Decision-Making Among Senior High School Students
  • Personal Budgeting Strategies Among Students (mention a school)
  • Financial Literacy Programs and Their Effectiveness in (mention a specific place)
  • The Relationship Between Classroom Technology Integration and Academic Performance in (particular school)
  • Impact of Local Food Regulations on Food Industries in (mention a place)
  • Digital Marketing Trends for Local Businesses in (place)
  • Relationship between Financial Literacy Programs and Saving Habits of Students in (particular School)
  • Funding Challenges for Small Business Startups in (state a city)

Qualitative and Quantitative Research Titles and Topics - STEM

  • Analyzing the Relationship between Hands-on Laboratory Experiences and Understanding of Scientific Concepts.
  • Perceptions of STEM Students on the Relevance of Coding in Modern Science Education.
  • Investigating the Impact of Group Dynamics on Engineering Project Outcomes among STEM Students.
  • STEM Students' Views on the Integration of Real-world Applications in Mathematics Curriculum.
  • Quantitative Assessment of the Efficacy of Virtual Reality Simulations in Enhancing STEM Learning Experiences.
  • A Qualitative Study on the Challenges Faced by STEM Students in Adapting to Advanced Technological Tools.
  • Evaluating the Correlation between Active Learning Strategies and Improved Test Scores in STEM Subjects.
  • Exploring the Role of Mentorship in Shaping the Career Aspirations of STEM Students – A Qualitative Study.
  • A Quantitative Analysis of the Relationship between Classroom Environment and Students' Performance in Engineering Modules.
  • Understanding the Influence of Extracurricular Science Clubs on the Passion for Research and Innovation of STEM Students.

Qualitative and Quantitative Research Titles and Topics - HUMSS

  • Exploring the Emotional Impact of Literature: A Qualitative Study on HUMSS Students' Responses to Classic Novels.
  • The Role of History in Shaping Modern Political Views: A Quantitative Analysis among HUMSS Students.
  • Delving into the World of Philosophy: HUMSS Students' Perceptions on the Relevance of Ancient Thinkers in Today's Society.
  • A Quantitative Assessment of the Influence of Social Media on HUMSS Students' Understanding of Cultural Diversity.
  • The Power of Art: A Qualitative Exploration of How Visual Arts Shape HUMSS Students' Emotional Well-being.
  • Investigating the Correlation between Studying World Religions and Tolerance Levels among HUMSS Students.
  • HUMSS Students' Views on the Importance of Local Folklore and Oral Histories in Understanding Community Dynamics.
  • A Quantitative Study on the Impact of Classroom Discussions on HUMSS Students' Critical Thinking Abilities.
  • The Role of Theater and Drama in Enhancing Empathy: A Qualitative Study among HUMSS Students.
  • Analyzing the Relationship between Exposure to World Music and Cultural Appreciation among HUMSS Students.

Qualitative and Quantitative Research Titles and Topics - GAS

  • Understanding the Efficacy of Collaborative Projects among GAS Students – A Comprehensive Study

  • The Role of Extracurricular Activities in Enhancing the Academic Performance of Students in the General Academic Strand
  • Investigating the Relationship between Study Habits and Academic Performance among GAS Students
  • GAS Students' Views on the Integration of Life Skills in the Curriculum – A Deep Dive
  • Evaluating the Influence of Classroom Environment on the Academic Success of Students in the General Academic Strand.
  • Assessing the Relationship between Attendance and Academic Performance among GAS Students
  • A Statistical Analysis of the Impact of Group Study on Test Scores of Students in the General Academic Strand
  • Investigating the Correlation between Reading Habits and English Proficiency Levels among GAS Students
  • A Quantitative Study on the Effects of Classroom Size on the Learning Outcomes of GAS Students
  • Analyzing the Influence of Extracurricular Participation on the Overall General Average of Students in the General Academic Strand.

Qualitative and Quantitative Research Titles and Topics - TVL

  • Exploring the Motivations of TVL Students in Choosing Vocational Courses over Traditional Academic Paths
  • A Qualitative Study on the Role of Hands-on Training in Boosting Confidence among TVL Students
  • The Impact of Modern Technology on Traditional Vocational Skills among TVL Students
  • TVL Students' Perceptions on the Importance of Entrepreneurship Education in Vocational Training
  • A Quantitative Analysis of Job Placement Rates among Recent TVL Graduates
  • Investigating the Relationship between Internship Experiences and Career Readiness among TVL Students
  • The Influence of Community Projects on TVL Students' Sense of Social Responsibility
  • A Qualitative Insight into the Challenges Faced by TVL Students in Balancing Work and Study
  • Assessing the Efficacy of Simulation Tools in Enhancing Technical Skills among TVL Students
  • TVL Students' Views on the Role of Mentorship in Shaping Their Career Aspirations
  • A Quantitative Study on the Impact of Practical Assessments on TVL Students' Overall Performance
  • Exploring the Benefits of Peer Teaching in Enhancing Skill Mastery among TVL Students
  • The Role of Field Visits in Providing Real-world Exposure to TVL Students
  • Investigating the Correlation between Soft Skills Training and Job Success among TVL Graduates
  • A Qualitative Study on TVL Students' Perspectives on Lifelong Learning in Vocational Fields
  • Analyzing the Influence of Industry Partnerships on the Curriculum Development in TVL Programs
  • TVL Students' Experiences and Challenges in Online Vocational Training Modules
  • A Quantitative Analysis of the Relationship between Workshop Safety Training and Accident Rates among TVL Students
  • Exploring the Opportunities for TVL Graduates in the Gig Economy
  • TVL Students' Perceptions on the Integration of Environmental Sustainability in Vocational Training


Remember that these are just samples and are entirely for educational and informational purposes. You may use them as your basis, but still, do your own research and come up with the most suitable topic that meets your preference and time because some might take a long time to be done.

I know you can do it as well because you've got the determination and inspiration. The only thing needed more to complete it is your action to start doing it now. Good luck to all of you! 

Up next: Key Strategies for Preparing a Successful Research Final Defense

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