Infographics for ABM

Infographics for ABM

Aside from learning through text, electronic, and printed instructional materials, we can also learn through infographics and be able to get some insights that may help us. 

In this blog, a few of such infographics are presented below. They are specifically helpful and were specially crafted for students taking up the ABM strand in the Philippines. This strand is one of those that has large populations, and in this case, this infographics would help them have an idea of what they can do in their strand.

ABM stands for Accountancy, Business and Management. This is a strand in Senior High School under the Academic Track.

Infographics for ABM

This infographic you have just seen contains several tips with regards to how you can make the most of your ABM years. It particularly recommends what you should do to enjoy while also making sure that you are growing as a person and as a learner.

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As mentioned there, you should manage your time wisely because this is an important attribute if you are planning to enter this strand and wanting to have a fruitful and amazing journey.
ABM Infographics
Have you heard about the accounting equation? That is the point of the infographic above. As you can see, several individuals are talking about the right equation. What do you think? Well, all of them are right. The right solution and formula is that total assets equal total liabilities and equity combined.

So there you have some of the helpful infographics you need to know when you are in ABM Strand. More of it is coming soon, and you are advised to visit this page periodically to know some updates.

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If you want to download some notes, just go into the SHS Notes category or simply here: Notes for Senior High School.

Just like it, the post also contains an infographic. The difference is that this one talks about ABM students already, while the other one is for those planning to take the ABM strand.

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