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I always find free materials fascinating and can get easily hooked by them, especially when I know the source is trusted and reliable. It's not that I just like collecting things on the internet. It's because learning has always been a continuous process.

From these things, I learned to improve my craft more. Since my high school years, I used to read a lot of things and became fascinated by joining journalism events. That's when I realized that maybe, I truly have a talent and deep passion for writing.

It's not my first love, though, because math has always been a great asset of mine. But I found a connection between these two distinct areas. I learned to love them both. Hence, I was somewhat addicted to writing notes because I have always believed that someday, they can be as useful as they are to me.

Not long ago, I came up with the idea to look for my old notes and tried to write them down in a document. I am constantly improving them because I thought of sharing them with you to help and make a meaningful and impactful contribution to every student having a hard time doing everything. After all, I know we have different stories to tell and responsibilities to do. So I made these notes to share with everyone.

Sanaol, Notes and Tips is a friendly and accessible blog for academic excellence and personal growth. We're super excited to share a great treat with you - a set of free downloadable printables that will totally level up your learning and organization skills. These free resources would empower your success as a student. You can access the free printables via Google Drive.


Sanaol, Notes and Tips want to clarify that while it is completely free to download and print our materials, please remember that they are intended for your personal use only. Please refrain from distributing them as your own or sharing them without proper permission. Respect the effort and dedication that went into creating these valuable resources. Thank you for understanding and for being part of this helpful learning community!


As humans, despite the best efforts, there might be a few overlooked bits or even occasional errors. This blog is continuously working to improve and update the materials, and so with the information. In instances where errors are found or have questions, feel free to reach out. Clarifications and questions are always welcome! 

Why Free Downloadable Printables?

School life can be challenging. From tackling complex concepts to juggling assignments and extracurricular activities, it's a lot to handle. That's why our collection of free printables is here to make your academic journey much smoother.

Boost Your Learning Potential:

These free printables are specially designed to explain tough subjects in a simplified version. Dive into interactive study guides, some visual aids, and informative infographics that will turn your study sessions into exciting learning adventures.

Excel with Practical Study Tips:

Academic life can be overwhelming. But don't worry, the practical study tips you may find here are good for management, memory-boosting, and goal-setting advice to boost your productivity and achieve your academic goals.

With Sanaol's free downloadable printables, we hope that it will guide you well. Empower yourself with knowledge, sharpen your note-taking skills, and conquer academic challenges. Whether you're aiming for top grades or personal growth, these resources may support your journey to success.

Never get tired learning because the more information we put in our minds, the better we become. It's a great way of achieving our dreams. It takes patience and determination, but one day, we will all get there as well.


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