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Being a fan of solving mathematical problems is of great essence. There's always a feeling of joy every time you'll get the right answer. It's as if a challenge that makes you think, and if you get it right, the feeling is very fulfilling.

Whether you are reviewing for a quiz, exam, or even a math contest, some challenging yet easy-to-follow problems on math for high school students are prepared and explained. Personally, I love these questions because they bring back a lot of memories to me, especially those priceless moments of joining and winning math quiz bowls.

This article is divided into three areas. The first one is a set of easy question which can be even answered just by doing it mentally. The next one is average, which contains questions that are more challenging. The last one is the most complex yet most exciting: the difficult round.

Easy Round
1. What is the next perfect square after 144?
2. If 1/4 of a number is 90, what is 1/6 of the number?
3. Give two numbers whose sum is 88 and whose difference is 42.
4. What is the value of 309 + 473?
5. I have 50-peso bills with a total amount of P12,000. How many 50-peso bills do I have?
6. If one side of a regular square is 16cm, what is its area?
7. The length of the regular rectangle is 8cm, and its area is 72 cm^2. What is its perimeter?
8. The sum of 3 consecutive whole numbers is 51. What are the 3 consecutive whole numbers?
9. 48 is what percent of 60?
10. What is 1 billion minus 1o thousand?

Average Round
1. What is four times the product of the 19 and 29?
2. The cost of a bag is increased from P1, 200.00 to P1, 350.00. What is the percent increase?
3. Three numbers are in the ratio 2:3:4. If their sum is 189, what is the biggest number?
4. Each side of a square measures 17cm. If two squares are placed side by side, what is the perimeter of the rectangle formed?
5. What is the sum of the five consecutive numbers starting from 67?
6. If you can read 3 pages per minute, how many pages can you read in 3 hours and 33 minutes?

Difficult Round
1. A car uses 8L of gasoline in covering 100km. How many litres of gasoline will the same car use cover 325km?
2. Benedict can paint a room in 12 hours. Carl can do the same work in 24 hours. How long will it take them to paint the room together?
3. One number is 5 more than 3 times another number. The sum of the two numbers is 157. Find the bigger number.
4. Ms. Sanchez computed the average score of his mathematics class with 30 pupils as 87. But she found out that Angel's score of 77 was misrecorded as 89, and Ben’s score of 95 was misrecorded as 71. What is the correct average for the class?
5. I am a multiple of 9. I am also a multiple of 7. I am not 63, but I am also less than 150. What number am I? 
6. The length of a rectangular is increased by 10%, and the width is decreased by 20%. What is the percentage change in the area of the rectangle?

To verify whether you get all the given questions right, the following are their answers. 

Answers on Easy Round
1. 169
2. 60
3. 65 and 23 
4. 782
5. 240
6. 256cm^2
7. 34cm
8. 16, 17, & 18
9. 80%
10. 999, 990, 000

Answers on Average Round
1. 2, 204
2. 12.5 %
3. 84
4. 102cm
5. 345
6. 639 pages

Answers on Difficult Round
1. 26L
2. 8 hours
3. 119
4. 87.4
5. 126
6. Decreased by 12%

Whether it is easy, average, or difficult, there's one thing I can say: it is fun solving these questions. I hope that the enjoyment I felt was familiar to you as well. 

You have to remember that it takes time, patience, and discipline to master a particular skill. If you have a hard time solving these questions, do not be discouraged. Instead, try it again until you get it right. 

Just remember that the key to understanding its concept and mastering the process is not memorizing the answers to each question. It is more about analyzing the problems and mastering the process of how you can come up with their answers.

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