Qualitative and Quantitative Research Topics for ABM Student

ABM Research

You are probably a student who has taken the ABM strand and you came here because you want to know how to develop a suitable research topic, right? 

Here's the good catch: I listed down some research ideas I thought of before, and don't worry because they are relevant to your strand.

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Sample Research Topics and Titles for ABM Strand

Under the ABM strand, topics such as business, finance, and the like always come to mind first. To make these broad topics more specific, sample research topics and titles, including a sample approach to what you will do in such topics, are presented as follows.

Research Topic: 

E-commerce and its impact on small business growth

Research Title: 

Empowering Small Businesses: 

A Quantitative Study on the Growth of E-commerce Around Manila

You're going to combine a literature review to support the data you will gather from small business owners through questionnaires. You will analyze the effect of e-commerce on growth by utilizing quantitative analysis of financial data for unbiased and comprehensive discernment.

Research Topic: 

Strategies for Thriving in Business

Research Title: 

Sustainable Success: 

Thriving Strategies in Business

One approach will be examining successful companies. It is not necessarily a big one. You will analyze their sustainable practices and their impact on sustainability initiatives.

Research Topic: 

The Effectiveness of Social Media Marketing

Research Title: 
Click, Connect, Convert: 
The Effectiveness of Social Media Marketing

You will study the influence of social media marketing on consumer behavior. It can be in the form of an analysis of  consumer responses as well as marketing campaigns.

Research Topic: 
Financial Literacy

Research Title: 
Relationship of Financial Literacy to the Spending Habits and Financial Well-being of ABM Students

You may assess financial literacy and spending habits among the ABM students through questionnaires and then make an output-based plan that will address what you will discover.


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Additional Topics and Titles

Food Industry

Sample Title:
Status of Food Industries around (state the place where it will be conducted)

Online Sellers

Sample Title:
Strategic Management of Online Businesses in (mention a place where the research is to be conducted)

Traditions and Practices of Entrepreneurs

Sample Title: 
Traditions and Practices of Entrepreneurs in (mention a specific place)

Learning Strategies

Sample Title:
Learning Strategies of Grade 12 Students of (state the school where you are going to conduct it)

What can you expect from such topics?

Those topics will bring you an idea of what they are all about, including what you can do if you have chosen to go further with those topics. If you want to make them a basis for the research topic you have in mind, you can do that.

Take note that while it's true that they are appropriate and have the potential to make an actual contribution to resolving real-world scenarios, put in mind that such topics are just mere guides on how you can come up with your topic. 

How to choose an ABM Qualitative or Quantitative Research Topic?

When starting your research paper related to the ABM Strand, the first step is choosing the right topic. Given the extensive collection of ABM topic ideas available online, it might sound easy, but that's different from how it does. 

It is more complex than just picking one topic from the internet randomly. It would be best if you also balanced factors like relevance, practicality, and interest in a particular research topic.

There are two subjects related to research in Senior High School (SHS). The first is Practical Research 1 (PR1), which focuses on qualitative research. The other is Practical Research 2 (PR2), which concentrates on quantitative research.

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Qualitative research 

Qualitative research for ABM students dives into the "why" and "how" of a specific topic. 

For example, it's the method you want to choose to understand customer reactions to new products or explore consumer behaviors. It uncovers more profound insights and involves techniques like case studies, interviews, and focus groups to gather rich, descriptive data.

Quantitative research 

Quantitative research for ABM students includes numerical data. Quantitative analysis collects numerical data and analyzes statistics. 

It can be done through survey questionnaires that will be answered by specific target groups and analyzed afterward to draw broader conclusions.

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As a guide, you can make it suitable to your preference. You're the one who will do the whole research, and it is highly recommended to really find the best one that will suit your interest so you can bring the best to it.

So whether you are looking for research titles or research topics for high school students or, to be more specific, ABM research titles, this article has got you covered.

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Essential Things to Take Note

As an SHS student, going deeper into the research world is significant. It's not just another checkbox of the task nor a heavy requirement so you can finish the subject. It is a skill as well that holds real value, and it is something that will prepare you since you will have another thesis on your college journey, which is a very crucial thing. 

Therefore, please take this seriously to learn how to conduct thorough research while embracing this responsibility that can genuinely shape academic and personal growth for a better and more enjoyable learning experience. It may not be easy, but also know that it is a great time to build meaningful experiences while building good connections with your group.

Wrapping up my discussion on choosing a relevant research topic for the ABM strand, I hope you're better equipped to undertake this academic endeavor. Meanwhile, you may need some tools to conduct your research. So, let's keep the momentum going by having it. 


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