Research Topics and Titles for Students in the HUMSS Strand

Research Topics and Titles for Students in the HUMSS Strand

As we let our eyes observe the society we live in, we may see a wide range of disciplines. We, humans, are diverse, and so with nature. There are many things to improve, and it can become a topic for research, investigation and inquiry.

To begin with, the past, present, and future intertwine, which shape the world we are living in. Be it pressing issues, some sort of things in media and information, this is more than just about Humanities and Social Sciences. It is also about how studying this field builds a bridge that connects us to our roots while cultivating our compassion and critical thinking capacity.

So whether you are looking for some ideas related to courses in college or some higher education courses for humss, let's talk about these things.

What makes an interesting and controversial research topic about HUMSS?

To be interesting, research topics under the HUMSS strand, which stands for humanities and social sciences, focus on more than just societal issues or human conditions. It is also about bringing change and studying feasible solutions applicable to such matters being faced.

Here's what to remember when choosing a topic: Choose a topic that satisfies your interest. By doing it, you are not just simply doing the research just because it is required. You will also get to enjoy doing it because you have that passion, drive, and consistency to ensure you'll get results that you will use to make conclusions and recommendations.

Whether it is about human behavior, literature, or arts, you will get a deeper understanding. You can also discover things that can help you have a successful career. 

It sounds easy, but it is not. It sounds difficult also, but again, it is not that hard. Do you want to know why? It is because it does not only depend on the situation and resources you have. It will also depend on the topic you have chosen. Therefore, you should realize how important it is to find the best topic that is right for you.

To better grasp and understand the things described, let us have some examples. These samples will help you better understand how to find a research topic around the Humanities and Social Sciences. Please be advised that while the following examples serve as a guide to you, use them in a way that will boost your productivity.

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Sample Research Topics and Titles

Performance in School

Sample Title:

Academic Performance of Select Senior High School Students in (specific place of school)


Television Dramas and its Effects to Teenagers

Sample Title:

"Magandang Dilag" Television Drama: Its Impact on the Attitude of Teenage Viewers of (mention a particular place where you will conduct this research)


Linguistic Registers

Sample Title:

Status of Linguistic Registers of Professionals Around (the place where the research will take place)



Sample Title:

A Qualitative Analysis of Feminism in the Corporate Place


Group social education

Sample Title:

Multiple Case Studies on Group Social Education of Select Senior High Students of (the school where it will be conducted)


Impact of parents on their children

Sample Title:

The Influence of Parents on the Attitude of Their Children


Roots of discipline in homes

Sample Title:

A Qualitative Analysis of the Roots of Disciplines in Households in (a specific place)

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Research Topics and Titles for Students in the HUMSS Strand

The field of humanities presents us with a window to the soul of humanity. On the other hand, do you know what is magnifying glass is? The area of social sciences is just like it.  It's like it's how societies function, change, and impact individuals' lives can be examined and studied through it.

So aside from the first set of topics and titles presented above, a list of several topics are also stated to allow you to explore the diverse field of HUMSS.

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Relevant topics that you may focus on if you are a HUMSS student

  • How does studying social sciences affect the social skills of students?
  • Combating Gender Stereotypes in the 21st Century.
  • Telehealth and its development in the 21st Century
  • Public policies and their influence on public opinions.
  • Mindful Shopping as an Engagement to Consumerism.
  • Oral Communication Skills of HUMSS Students.
  • Masculine and feminine identity: What is the cultural construct of them?
  • How does having dual nationality impact individuals' political views?
  • What is the interconnectedness of Mass Media and Millennials who fear missing out?
  • Social media interaction and how it influences people's personality development.
  • The influence of parents on their children in terms of Nationalism at a young age.
  • The impact of 21st-century social media influencers on people.
  • Gender roles in cooking at home.
  • Victims of cyber-bullying in schools: A Multiple Case Study of (a particular school or place)
  • Impact of upgrades in technology to modern relationships.


You have a list of possible topics in the humanities and social sciences strand, which is just a small portion of its vast extent. To summarize the whole article, know that undertaking a research journey is like setting sail on an uncharted sea. It's so vast, yet the picture becomes more apparent as you come closer to your destination.

Remember that it is not just an academic requirement. It is a one-of-a-kind experience that will teach you a lot. Thus, do your best, for the world eagerly awaits the narratives and discoveries you will uncover. Lastly, the wisdom you will share and the impact you will make will inspire many more students. 

Good luck!


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