General Academic Strand Research Topics and Titles with Guide

Sample Research Topics and Titles for GAS Senior High School Students

There's a lot to enjoy in the General Academic Strand and one of it is conducting research. It's not actually very difficult. It's challenging, yes, but it can be fun as well. You just need to have the right group members and, most importantly, cooperation.

May the universe conspire for that to happen because, whether we like it or not, we are sometimes bound to others who don't have the same drive. Not to mention those who just want to contribute one thing, and then they're done. Well, it exists, and that's one of the top reasons why a helpful task is becoming difficult in the eyes of the majority, when in fact, it should be seen as something that enhances our skills in a variety of ways while giving us the excitement every time we are able to learn something new.

So yeah, I understand if you are having a hard time looking for ideas in making a title for your research because some members are too busy doing something else but are inactive when it comes to the research itself. So instead of being stressed, breathe in and focus. I've been there, and I know that feeling. That is why I am sharing my thoughts and experiences here with you.

Here are some topics and titles to start with. Don't just settle for less. Explore it and let it serve as your guide to formulate better and more profound topics and titles.

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Research Topics and Titles for General Academic Strand

Brief Information

Under the GAS or General Academic Strand, interdisciplinary studies come first. You may be considering different subjects teaming up to tackle significant challenges. It can also be societal challenges, or you can analyze the efficiency of various teaching approaches. It's broad, and there's a lot to possibly become research topics.


Academic Grades

Sample Title:

The Effect of Online Schooling on the Academic Grades of General Academic Strand Students of Example School.


Online Truancy

Sample Title:

A Study on the Online Truancy of Students under the New Mode of Learning


Academic Performance

Sample Title:

Home Factors: Its Effect on the Academic Performance of Students


Learning Strategy and Learning Beliefs

Sample Title:

Learning Strategy and Learning Beliefs of GAS Students


Coping Strategies

Sample Title:

Coping Strategies of GAS Students under the New Normal

More Qualitative Research Titles

1. Perceptions on Hybrid Learning: A Qualitative Study among GAS Students

2. Inquiry-Based Learning: Experiences and Challenges of Students in the General Academic Strand

3. Peer Tutoring and its Implications on Social and Emotional Development of Students in Example High School

4. Perception of GAS Students on the Motivation and Engagement in Learning Mathematics

5. A Thematic Analysis of Stress Reduction among GAS Students

6. Multiple Case Analysis on Academic Self-Concept among Adolescents in the General Academic Strand

More Quantitative Research Titles

1. Effects of Study Habits on the Academic Performance of Senior High School Students in the General Academic Strand

2. A Quantitative Analysis of Classroom Size and Learning Outcomes on Senior High School Students of Dabest High School

3. Technology Integration and Academic Achievement: Analyzing the Impact in the General Academic Strand

4. Socioeconomic Status and Access to Educational Resources: Studying the Influence among Students in the General Academic Strand

5. Effects of Social Media on the Academic Achievement of General Academic Strand Students of Example High School

6. Relationship of Classroom Management Strategies and Student Behavior on Academic Engagement of Students in the General Academic Strand 

A Few Things to Take Note

Here's the thing: It feels incredible how our thoughts can have a life of their own. We can elaborate plans and innovative solutions and even make actual changes for something that seemed impossible until it has been proven. 

Well, those seemingly random sparks in our minds are like wizards. It lets us formulate ideas and activate our imagination that can make significant changes in the community or even the world we live in.

So do not force yourself to be stressed too much to have a wonderful experience doing things like this. Take a deep breath and put a smile on your face, too.

To further inspire you, here's what I can additionally say: maintaining a positive mindset is vital. Embrace inquisitiveness, and if you can't do it in one go, break it into smaller steps. Remember, it's okay to ask for help when needed. Stay organized but flexible and allow room for creativity. 

Along the way, celebrate even small wins. Keep your motivation high, and do not forget to find joy in between the journey itself – that's where its true essence can be felt.

I hope this post ignites that passion in your heart and keep it raging. You are not alone. I once did it, so I know you can do it as well. 

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  1. Can u make an example of research title of Research Humanitiy and Art-based research with (GAS strand)

    1. That topic seemed a great one. For that, "Exploring Human Identity and Cultural Expression through Art-based Research: A Qualitative Study on the General Academic Strand (GAS)" can serve as your basis.

  2. hello po, pwede pong pa help?? I'm currently struggling kung paano gumawa ng accurate action research title since I'm new to it po. I already watch several videos kung paano gumawa pero it ended up the same, hihirapan po ako.

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