How I Survived ABM with Flying Colors

Like you, I was once an Accountancy, Business and Management (ABM) student. During those two years in this strand, I developed strategies that helped me cope with my difficulties and surpassed them with excellent results.

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Tips for ABM Students

So, in this article, I shared my experiences on surviving the ABM strand and graduating with flying colors. This will inspire you to become more determined and be able to accomplish whatever I have achieved as well.

How I study our topics

In this section, I explained how I studied each type of subject we had, namely core curriculum subjects, specialized subjects, etc. I also mentioned some which I found challenging and the others which I found interesting.

On Core Subjects

These subjects include Oral Communication, General Math, Earth and Life Science, Reading and Writing, Komunikasyon at Pananaliksik sa Wika at Kulturang Filipino, and 21st Century Literature from the Philippines and the World, among others.

How do I study these subjects?

During the discussion, I listened intently. I write the most essential things in my notes and those I might forget. I don't overwhelm myself with many written notes because, after each lesson, we are also given a summary of what was discussed. I'm printing them up, so I have something to review during quizzes and exams in addition to my notes.

At home, I just browse them, and if there is something I did not understand from the discussion, I simply read those parts and apply the Feynman Technique. 

As for the subjects with crucial formulas, I just write them down on a 4x6 index card with a ring bound on it so I can quickly remind myself about those things if I ever forget a specific formula. I can take it anywhere I go because it's handy.

On Specialized Track Subjects

In the ABM strand, the subjects included here are Applied Economics,

Fundamentals of Accountancy, Business and Management 1 and 2, Business Finance, and Business Math, among others.

How do I study these subjects?

Since these are considered the most crucial subjects in this strand, I am taking more steps to make sure I would learn everything that these subjects encompass.

Aside from those I have mentioned in the core subjects, I have other study plans in each of these subjects. Before going to school the next morning, I make sure that I have read the topic to be discussed next so that I would just listen during the discussion.

Here's what I was doing before: I first read the book we use for those particular subjects, then watched videos on YouTube explaining the topics. After that, I practiced solving at home.

In my leisure time, I also tend to recall the journal entries needed in various types of transactions.

Since TikTok is not yet as trending before as it is today, I believe you have more advantages now. Various content creators out there are actual CPAs, Accountants, and, just like you, students who share the same passion, and they discuss a lot about your strand, so make sure to follow them also to learn more.

Important Reminder

When I am tired from school, I am not forcing myself to read or study the following topics. But I didn't take them as an excuse to do something else. Instead, I take a nap or sleep an hour or two. I am doing it to regain some energy because, based on my experience, nothing really comes to mind whenever I force myself to study when I am exhausted. But if you feel tired every time you start studying, that is something you should not fake. If it's because you're lazy in doing it, I recommend you to have a short walk or do some exercise first. After that, take a few moments of break, then start studying.

How I am doing my assignments

After going home from school, I finish doing my assignments. You may think that all I did was study, study, and study. To tell you honestly, no, it wasn't. I just want to finish them as soon as I can do it. 

There's this mamaya na habit that is very common to us. And here's what I can say: Kung kaya mo nang tapusin ngayon, bakit ipopostphone mo pa? See the logic there? What I want to imply is that you do it now so that once you're finished with it, you can do everything you want afterward. In fact, parang mas marami ka pang leisure time if you finish all them agad-agad. Anyway, don't rush naman to the point na you're already sacrificing the quality. Instead, do it efficiently and effectively.

Sanaol, parang effectiveness (doing the right things) at efficiency (doing things right) lang sa Organization and Management. 

Organization and Management Notes

Organization and Management

Sharing with you some important notes. Make learning fun!

Take me there!

A Dose of Inspiration

By the way, I also had an ailment before, and every three weeks, I needed to go to the hospital for my check-up and medication. During those days, I have to attend our first subject in the morning, and then after the check-up and medication, I know I should take a rest, but since I have always been a fighter, determined, and I can handle it naman, I still come back to our school to have our afternoon classes.

I am sharing it with you because I want you to be determined as well. Just imagine the struggle I have undergone just for me to reach my goals. It was tiring and draining, but I surpassed all the challenges. And if I've done it considering those experiences I have had, I know, and I believe that you can do it as well. It can even be better. So you just have to believe in yourself, have faith, and fill your heart and mind with the reasons why you persevere to reach your dreams. In that way, you can keep the passion raging within you.

I have come a long way, and you will, too, someday. Just keep these things I have said in your heart and mind, and partner them with prayers. Good luck!

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