Techniques for Students to Improve Learning

Learning Methods

Probably some of you are tired of reading and reading topics all over again, yet your efforts are not reflected during a quiz because suddenly, you'll just find yourself dazed off in the corner. You're trying your best to recall the term, so close enough, but you cannot write it exactly. 

What's worst is that, you'll just remember it clearly after taking the test. If that's the case, you might need learning techniques. 

Ito ang dapat mong tandaan: Each one of us may have a different approach to learning. Ngunit huwag kang mag-alalala ka-eseitches because the following are a few of the best techniques proven to be working like a charm.

To understand a topic, try Feynman Technique.

Feynman Technique

Sounds unfamiliar? Ipinangalan ito kay Richard Feynman, isang American Physicist. Basically, the Feynman Technique helps you understand a topic better when you really want to. Based on this technique, the best way to fully understand a topic was to explain it to someone else. Hati-hatiin mo 'yung mga information. After that, i-explain mo each of them in a way that anyone unfamiliar with it can understand. By doing this, the areas where you need help understanding more will be identified. From there, focus on filling these gaps. Sounds amazing, then?

Spaced Repetition and Active Recall

To memorize, employ Spaced Repetition and Active Recall.

Spaced repetition is a way to review things over time instead of trying to learn them all at once. This helps you remember things better and for a longer time. On the other hand, active recall means actively retrieving information from your mind instead of just passively reading or rereading it. 

This can be done with flashcards or practice questions, which require you to actively remember and recall the information. These two can help you remember things better and faster.

Accountability partner

If procrastination takes place, have an accountability partner.

Many of us have trouble procrastinating, but having someone to hold us accountable can help - ossey, accountable. An accountability partner is someone you trust. Dapat mapagkakatiwalaan. Hindi 'yung sa una lang magaling pero traydor din pala, just kidding

Someone who can keep you on your goal. Someone na mag-momotivate sa'yo na aralin mo nang mabuti ang lesson niyo, yiee.

Power Nap

Tired? Take a power nap.

After studying for an extended period of time, it is just normal if you feel exhausted. If you feel like wala nang pumapasok sa utak mo, take a rest or, better yet, take a power nap for 10 to 20 minutes long. 

This actually helps your body and mind feel recharged para ready ulit sa susunod na laban. Seriously, it helps the brain work better, making us feel active when we continue to study again because of the energy boost we get from it. Just make sure to keep it short. If you nap for too long, you might feel tired instead of refreshed.

Pomodoro Technique

Your favorite - multitasking, use Pomodoro Technique

Multitasking - ang reyna ng unproductiveness para sa iba. Actually, it is a big help in accomplishing more things, but it is undeniable that it also often makes people less productive and less able to pay attention to what they are doing. Tama? 

Anyway, the good thing is, Pomodoro Technique can help you with that. It is a strategy that enables you to get things done by dividing your work into one at a time. Set a timer for a certain amount of time, usually 25 minutes, hence, called a "pomodoro." Then do a certain thing like reading a specific topic with your full attention during that time. After which, you take a short break of about 5 minutes after each pomodoro. You can take longer breaks, like 15- to 30-minute, after doing some pomodoros. 

Pero may malaking bagay na dapat tandaan at isapuso: Do not have longer breaks than actually learning because it will just become useless if you do that.

There are more techniques. Some do not even know that what they are doing is already a technique. 

But here's the catch: Huwag kopyahin ang style ng iba. In English, do not try copying others' techniques. What works for them may not work for you. It sounds cliche, but that says it all. Anyway, ang purpose naman nito is for you to know some of the strategies you can use if you still need to find the best method that works for you. 

Good luck and happy learning!

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