Back to School Outfits in 2023: What's In?

Summer break seemed to have passed so quickly. The new academic year is again fast approaching and is just around the corner. So instead of focusing on how your summer break went, shift your attention to back-to-school preparations. Keep yourself updated with the essential tips for incoming senior high school students to be one step ahead in being prepared.

Another way to kick it off is to upgrade your style with trending fashion. But here's the catch: ensure your school allows civilian clothes; if it does, also make sure to just wear appropriate attire. But don't worry because we will talk about that.

Back to School Outfits

So whether you want to make a statement for yourself or want to try something new and look more pleasant, finding a suitable back-to-school outfit is another step in your preparation. It adds another layer of confidence. With that being said, I want to introduce this guide that provides fashion trends and some tips to help you get prepared in a simple manner yet trendy enough to get noticed.

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Want to be the first to know?

First on the list is staying updated with the latest trends and fashion news. With today's technology, it can be easily done by anyone. There are various platforms where influencers and all sorts of people post their designs and outfits, and you can simply subscribe to them. What's good about it, too, is that you can get exclusive offers, promotions, and irresistible discounts you can use to purchase items of your choice. What I love about it is that many budget-friendly attire are being sold in physical and online stores. However, there is one catch: they fly off the shelves quickly, and it is because of their price, which is already an excellent deal for their quality.

Get the Inside Scoop!

By discovering the trendy outfits for inspiration and understanding which colors and patterns complement each other that suits you, you will be able to find your style and show impressive looks once the class starts.

Simple yet Cool Outfit

Back to school outfit

Having a white shirt with minimal print partnered with khaki pants look so simple yet cool and nice. It gives extra layer of confidence.

Neutral Black

Neutral Black

It is sometimes understated, but neutral black is quite a trendy fashion. You may choose to pair black pants with any neutral color shirt such as white, gray, and the like.

This will give you a timeless look that is both noticeable and still in the loop of the hottest trends. For example, if you want to add some texture, you can achieve it by layering a cozy neutral sweater while maintaining the monochromatic look and charm.

You can also choose to add some accessories, but here's a thing to remember: too much can be bad, and less can be enough.

Matchy-matchy Terno

Matchy-matchy Terno

This one is best for individuals who have a special love for coordinated or terno outfits. As you can see, it shows a harmonious appearance.

For females, some common terno outfits are blouses and skirts that have floral patterns, then paired with some classy bag and perfect match shoes or sandals.

When wearing an outfit like this, make sure that you should only wear it on days you are allowed to wear civilian clothes.

Plain T-Shirts
Image by Md Salman on Unsplash

Plain T-Shirts

Simplicity is often considered a beauty, and that is true. Personally, I like wearing plain T-shirts that are neutral and pastel in color. My favorites are khaki, coffee brown, white, and dark blue.

When wearing one, I often partner it with blue jeans or trousers that match or complement the color of the shirts. For example, if I wear a khaki shirt, I partner it with black trousers or coffee brown trousers. If I want to wear a white shirt, then I will partner it with black pants or blue jeans. And, of course, my all-time favorite: white shoes.

Monochromatic Outfit
Image by Zoe on Unsplash

Monochromatic Outfit

If you want to make a fashion statement for yourself, a monochromatic outfit can help you achieve that. Just make sure that the color you would pick is not too bright or too dull.

The photo on the left shows a good example. It's a shirt layered with a knitted coat as well as matching pants and a pair of shoes. It's both fun and creative.

Jumper Palda
Image by Marco Xu on Unsplash

Jumper Palda

This is another growing trend that is suitable for females out there. This back-to-school outfit blends comfort, style, and also practicality.

What is good about it is that achieving this look only requires minimal styling. As for accessories, a necklace will do.

Simple Outfit Layered with a Denim Jacket
Image by Redd F on Unsplash

Simple Outfit Layered with a Denim Jacket

To every male student out there, this one is also on top of my recommendations. When I am wearing this kind of style, I prefer having a plain shirt under the denim jacket. It is just simple to achieve, so don't worry about how you can do it.

Get Back-to-School Ready

Does it still seem hard to prepare for the upcoming school year now that you're able to read some tips and see some fashion styles? I hope not. 


So here's what we've covered and some additional things to remember and apply.

  • Embracing your distinctiveness makes you stand out because fashion is a form of self-expression.
  • Neutral may look plain, but it's just as great as mixing and matching styles and colors. You just have to find the best match to your preferences.
  • Level it up using accessories because, you know, it has the power to transform even the simplest outfits. But if you haven't had one, simplicity is enough.
  • It doesn't need to be expensive. Being resourceful is the key. Just be creative. Here's a tip: you can find a lot of good clothes in the thrift store or ukay-ukay.

To sum it all up, you can boost your confidence when you're wearing your own style and just being who you are. May this have given you an idea of what's in the box of trending styles today, and may you have a wonderful academic year. Best of luck, and be great both in style and academics!


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