Everything You Need To Know About Mini Donuts

Mini Donuts has been taking various social media via storm. Be it on TikTok or on Facebook, these tiny, inviting, sweet delicacies are just so hard to resist, especially for individuals who love sweets like me.

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Mini Donuts

I included everything you need to know about mini donuts in this article. Start with the ingredients you need, the materials and utensils you will use, and how to design them. And surely enough, these mouthwatering delicacies that look as good as they taste may rock the social media stage.

So whether you're looking for some mini donuts ideas or a visual guide to stunning mini donut decorations or creative mini donut designs for your next project, join me as we indulge ourselves in these tiny sweets.

Disclaimer: Some texts are written in Filipino, and a few sentences are in Taglish version.

What are mini donuts?

Mini Donuts

Mini donuts are just like the traditional donuts with holes in the middle, but they are smaller in size. Aside from their bite-sized and snackable nature, mini donuts are famous because of their sweet or savory taste. They are often coated with various toppings, glazes, or powders to enhance their flavor and appearance.

How to make mini donuts?

Mini Donuts

Ingredients needed

In this guide, you just need a few accessible ingredients that are affordable as well. So don't worry about how much you will spend. 

Pancake mix

I prefer this one because it makes the finished products fluffy and soft as you take a bite on it. 

In this case, we will use 200 grams. Approximately, it can make 20-28 mini donuts.

An Egg

For every 200 grams of pancake mix, you will need one egg. Aside from being a binding ingredient that emulsifies the ingredients in the batter, it also enhances the texture, enriches flavor, and provides some nutrients.

3/4 Cup of Evaporada Milk

Aside from letting you achieve the consistency you want, it also enriches the taste of the mini pancake donuts, making them creamier and tastier. However, you may alternatively use 3/4 cup of water if you are on a tight budget. 

Note that any of the two may do.

Optional Ingredient/s


2 Tablespoon of Vegetable Oil

Powdered Sugar

Some flavorings

Vanilla Extract for baking

Keep in mind that if you're mini donut maker is not anti-stick, treat butter or vegetable oil as a main ingredient. 

Kapag kumakapit sa donut maker yung mixture niyo, add two tablespoon of vegetable oil. Kung hindi naman kumakapit, okay lang kahit hindi ka na maglagay.

Mini Donuts

Equipment, Materials and Utensils Needed

Donut Maker

This is very important because this is where you will cook the mini donuts. There are some affordable donut makers in the market. I recommend you to buy kung ano 'yung kaya ng budget. Just make sure that if you're buying it online, just order in a legit shop. Read reviews first.

Mixing Bowl

It is where you will mix both your dry and wet ingredients. You don't need to purchase one if you already have one in your home.

Squeezable Plastic Bottles

This is where you will put your mixture, so it will be easier to put it in the mini donut maker. You can also buy other sizes for your syrups.

Measuring Cups in various sizes

To make sure that you will achieve the right consistency, use these measuring cups.

Measuring Utensils

Use this in measuring the proper amount of ingredients that are mixed in smaller volumes.

Egg Beater or Mixer

If you have a budget, buy an electric whisk for easier mixing. But you may also use an egg beater available at home or a big spoon.

Mini Tong

Use it in getting the mini donuts out from the mini machine.

Toppings of Your Choice

You can have mini marshmallows, assorted sprinkles, sliced almonds, crushed Oreo, powdered sugar, and some nips or chocolate-filled candies, among others. You may also make use of some famous snacks that have some chocolate or anything that compliments the taste you like.

Organizers with Scoop for your Toppings

These tiny storage boxes store your toppings, flavors, and other dry ingredients.

Plastic Gloves

Use this for proper hygiene and food handling.

Cooling Rack

Mini Donuts

Coat, Toppings and Flavors

To make the mini donuts more attractive and mouthwatering, you should coat them with some syrup such as chocolate, strawberry, and other flavors. Here are some combinations I can recommend.

Classic Powdered Sugar

Just mix some powdered sugar and a small amount of water until you achieve the consistency you like. Note that you should put the water or evap milk slowly. Don't put them in one go, as it may make the consistency watery.

Chocolate Syrup with Assorted Sprinklers

You just need to put some chocolate syrup first and then scatter some colorful sprinkles on top of them. Don't put too much; just moderate.

Melted Dark or White Chocolate

If you want the chocolate to dry and look shiny, you can melt a chocolate bar and then just dip the mini donuts in it. If you want other colors, make use of white chocolate bar and just add a few drops of food color in it.

Other Variations

  • Chocolate Syrup with sliced almonds

  • Chocolate Syrup with Milky Nuts

  • Condensada with Crushed Oreo

  • Topped with Powdered Sugar

  • Matcha Flavor

  • And other designs that you can imagine


Indeed, mini donuts are making a trend on the internet today, and since many of us truly love sweets, I hope this article guided you well on how you can make these sweet delicacies. If you want it to take an extra level, make a photograph from what you've made and post it online.


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