Must Have School Supplies for SHS Students

Must Have School Supplies for SHS Students

Are you ready to go back to school? If you are about to go back to school but have not yet figured out what to buy, this article might help you! Continue browsing our back-to-school supplies checklist, which covers the needs of students. 

Must have school supplies:

  • Bag (I recommend to buy a long-lasting bag, young matibay ba)
  • Binder Notebooks (alam kong sikat an sikat and mga to ngayon kaya go for it an kasi maganda talaga 'to)
  • Index cards (don't forget to bring them on the first day of school)
  • Yellow Pad Paper (damihan mo na 'to)
  • Highlighters (optional lang pero kung mahilig ka maghighlight ng notes, kailangan mo 'to)
  • Correction tapes (para kung magkamali ka, maitatama mo pa, ops parang hugot, chawot.)
  • Pencils and Eraser (kailangan mo and mga 'to, promise)
  • Ballpen (damihan mo na rin ito)
  • Sticky notes (para sa mga important terms and notes)

Additional things to buy if you are an ABM student:
  • Journal and Ledger Books (actually, sa second sem mo pa ito magagamit pero pwede ka na ring bumili ngayon)
  • Basic Calculator (napaka-importante nito kaya huwag mong kakalimutan)
  • Ruler (need mo din to pang double rule)
Additional things to buy if you are a STEM student:
  • Lab Gown and Kit (essential din ang mga to)
  • Periodic Table of Elements (kailangan mo to para sa mga science subjects lalo na sa Chemistry)
Additional things to buy if you are a HUMSS student:
  • Bond Paper Paper (Kahit isang ream lang muna)
  • Extra ballpens (marami kayong susulatin)
Additional things to buy if you are a GAS and TVL student:
  • Art Materials (for arts and the like) 
  • Scientific Calculator (for math subjects)

The above is just a guide on what to buy, just in case you forgot something to include in your bag. Anyway, still consider your budget. 

If you want to add additional back-to-school supplies to the above list, feel free to comment.

Wrapping Up

Shopping for school supplies without a list of needed materials is tiresome, but this article might keep you stress-free. Enjoy shopping!

Additional reminder: Always have a humble heart and show your sweetest smile as you walk down your school hallway on the first day of going back to school.


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