Qualitative and Quantitative Research Topics for the TVL Strand and Sample Research Titles

We are once again in research-making season, especially to Senior High School students. The Technical-Vocational-Livelihood (TVL) track is the focus of this article.

What's in this track?

There are many opportunities in this track, especially on the fields such as:
  • Agriculture
  • Industrial Arts
  • Home Economics
  • Information and Communications Technology (ICT)

Aside from preparing you to be equipped with all the necessary skills and knowledge regarding the field, you will also be prepared on how you can make significance through research. Therefore, students have to choose a research topic that is most suitable to their interests where they also need to consider its significance.

Presented below are selected research topics that reflect the current challenges in the various fields mentioned above like research titles about the TVL cookery strand. Take note that each of these themes may not only serve as a mere guide in coming up with a research topic and title but also as a means to drive development and improvement in different topics you wish to pursue.

Where innovation and experience meet, the TVL track is also a productive ground for talented students like you. Smile and be confident because you are more than capable of making a difference.

Sample Research Topics, Titles and Approaches

Sustainable Farming Practices for Agri-Fishery Arts
Fishing Tools. An Image from Unsplash

Research Topic 1: 
Sustainable Farming Practices for Agri-Fishery Arts 

Research Title: 
Cultivating Sustainability: A Qualitative Study on Eco-Friendly Farming Techniques in Agri-Fishery Arts 

If you wish to make a research from this topic, you may use qualitative analysis in finding out the sustainable agricultural practices. It doesn't need technical terms. You may use of words that can be understood by the public while making sure the formal tone.

Research Topic 2: 
Integrating Technology in Agriculture Education 

Research Title: 
The Impact of Integrating Technology in Agriculture Education in Fostering Growth

Through this study, the benefits and challenges of integrating technological tools into the Agri-Fishery Arts will be uncovered. This one is a quantitative study since you are going to find out if there is a significant relationship between the factors.

Research Topic 3: 
Life Skills Obtained through Home Economics Education 

Research Title: 
Analyzing the Impact of Home Economics Education on Life Skills Development of Select TVL Students

This research will uncover how home economics impacts essential life skills such as sewing, cooking, and household organization, among others. It will seek to answer whether it encourages students to be more empowered and responsible.

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Research Topic 4: 
Recycling Projects in Industrial Arts 

Research Title: 
Assessing the Environmental Impact of Creative Recycling Projects in Industrial Arts in [Specific Community or School]

Quantitative type of study is what to be used in this topic. It will explore Industrial Arts on how the discarded materials transformed into masterpieces through creative recycling projects. This study aims to evaluate the effectiveness of these projects in fostering artistic expression and environmental sustainability.

Research Topic 5: 
Perceptions of Local Fish Vendors

Research Title: 
Perceptions of Local Fish Vendors of [Specific Community] on Food Safety: A Qualitative Thematic Analysis 

Through in-depth interviews, observations, and a thematic analysis approach, this qualitative study would unveil market vendors' rich and diverse perspectives regarding food. By having interviews about their experiences, beliefs, and challenges, this research will seek to identify recurring themes that underpin the current practices. 
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Research Topic 6: 
Perceptions of ICT Students in Technical-Vocational Education 

Research Title: 
A Qualitative Study on the Perceptions of Select ICT Students in Technical-Vocational Education

Research Topic 7: 
Experiences on ICT Integration in TVL 

Research Title: 
Experiences of Students on ICT Integration in Technical, Vocational, and Livelihood Education

Research Topic 8: 
Impact of Carpentry Training on Students' Practical Skills 

Research Title: 
The Impact of Carpentry Training on the Practical Skills of Select TVL Students in [Specific School]

Research Topic 9: 
Effectiveness of Entrepreneurship Training in Livelihood Education 

Research Title: 
A Quantitative Analysis on Effectiveness of Entrepreneurship Training in Livelihood Education in [Specific School]
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Research Topic 10: 
Tailoring and Dressmaking

Research Title: 
Employability and Entrepreneurial Prospect of Tailoring and Dressmaking Graduates of TVL Program: A Quantitative Study

Extra Research Topic:
Automotive Industry Careers

Research Title:
Assessing the Readiness of Senior High School Students in Technical-Vocational Education for Automotive Industry Careers.

Contact Center Services Strand

Qualitative Research Titles

“Perception of TVL Students on Effective Customer Service in Contact Centers”
“Exploration of Preferred Customer Service Channels Among TVL Students”
“Perspective of TVL Students Towards Self-Service and Agent Support”
“Factors Influencing TVL School Students' Satisfaction with Customer Service”
“Expectations of Select Students When Engaging with Contact Center Agents”

Quantitative Research Titles

“Relationship Between TVL Students’ Satisfaction and School Contact Center Efficiency”
“Preference Among TVL Students for Contact Center Support Channels”
“Tolerance Level of Select Students for Wait Time in Contact Centers”
“Peak Hours Identified by TVL Students for Contacting School Support Centers”

Research titles for TVL Students

A Few Things to Remember 

Ultimately, the Technical-Vocational-Livelihood (TVL) track equips students with many compelling and practical opportunities to build employable skills and pursue meaningful careers. Throughout this blog, we've examined various research topics and titles that can give significant insights into the various strands of the TVL track.

Let us always recognize the value of Technical-Vocational-Livelihood education by supporting and inspiring students who select this track and those who wish to pursue it as their strand in Senior High School. These students' dedication and commitment to acquiring practical skills are essential factors for economic development, increased industrial productivity, and self-growth as well.

Indeed, the Technical-Vocational-Livelihood track is an important foundation that prepares students. Let us all work together towards recognizing and promoting the significance of this track. 

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