Essential Characteristics for Success in the General Academic Strand

Common Mistake Norm: Take General Academic Strand (GAS) when you're undecided.

Tips for General Academic Strand Students

Hello, guys! We will discuss the General Academic Strand (GAS) and how it serves as a common ground that develops holistic growth and prepares students for a broad range of academic opportunities. So if you are an incoming senior high school student and has been considering this strand for a long time, this is the sign.

It is true, guys, that the GAS curriculum encompasses various disciplines. In fact, it is a very important path that shapes students' success. What is interesting about it is that it lets students know more about themselves. They can even discover some talents and the like as they get exposed to various subjects.

It is not the "undecided" thing that ultimately makes this strand good, but rather, it is the best path that will prepare you for whatever you want to pursue in college.

Here are some characteristics to consider whether GAS might be for you.

Critical Thinking

One of the fundamental characteristics of the General Academic Strand students is the ability to think critically. You are encouraged to analyze complex things, evaluate different perspectives, and make well-reasoned conclusions. 

By honing and developing your critical thinking skills, you would also develop a deeper understanding of the subjects you encounter. This would enable you to navigate various challenges with good judgement and precision.

Effective Communication

Effective communication serves as a key to success in any academic or professional endeavor. Within the General Academic Strand, students develop strong oral and written communication skills. As such, it allows them to engage in meaningful discussions and express their ideas articulately.

Proficiency in communication empowers GAS students to convey their thoughts persuasively and collaborate effectively with others, fostering a rich exchange of ideas and promoting a culture of learning.


Arts are universal; it's for everyone. 

When you enter this strand, you will also have some activities related to arts. Be it traditional, digital, or through video, you will be exposed to such things that will let you enhance your artistic side.

Problem-Solving Skills

Are you good at Math? You might love this strand. 

It is not actually more on Math, but there are subjects related to it that will for sure enable you to apply your skills with dealing with numbers. 

Do not be afraid if you are not inclined toward this subject because this strand is not just about this specific area. 

Adaptability and Resilience

This strand enables students to be adaptable and resilient. It would prepare them to face the challenges in college and the ever-changing demands of the contemporary world and equip them with ways on how to deal with these challenges. By developing these traits, you will achieve the flexibility to overcome obstacles. Not only that, you will learn how to effectively bounce back from failures and grow in various academic and professional environments you wish to pursue.

Social Skills

As an individual with diverse interests, this strand is for you. 

It creates a dynamic community where you would be accustomed to engaging with other people from various backgrounds. 

Through your open mindset, you will be able to collaborate effectively with people from different fields. As such, you would make a difference in encompassing conflict resolution, attentive listening, teamwork, and building good relationships.


In the General Academic Strand, the skills that are highly present include critical thinking, effective communication skills, artistry, problem-solving skills, adaptability and resilience, and social skills. So, if you have these traits, you are encouraged to pursue this strand.

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