What is Character Trait Comparison? Its Meaning and Example

Have you ever felt an inspiring spark from a character in a particular novel or story? Something that gave you motivation. Then you just find yourself comparing it to that character because you feel so related to it. That's a character trait comparison.

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Character Trait Comparison

What is character trait comparison?

Character trait comparison is a helpful technique that is used to compare and contrast the unique qualities and features of various individuals or even fictional characters. It sheds light on the unique traits that shape one's qualities, demeanors, and relations. 

Each person's traits form a narrative of their own. It is just like a magnifying glass that brings one's own characteristics into focus, allowing us to relate it with others we often idolize and get inspired by.

Character trait comparison also marks resemblances and distinctions between traits that make each person known for who they are. This procedure transcends mere observation. It is a way of knowing better about our emotions, motivations, and actions.

Characters in the novel Noli Me Tangere, their traits, and comparisons to my own characteristics


Characters in the novel Noli Me Tangere, their traits, and comparisons to my own characteristics

Crisostomo Ibarra

From the various traits that Crisostomo Ibarra has, the characteristic of being easily driven by emotions is something I can relate to.

Like him, I can be easily driven by my emotions sometimes. One instance is when facing situations that need immediate decisions. This is something that I constantly improve. 

Anyway, the novel showed how impulsive Ibarra is when dealing with the situations he faces, and that is precisely what I am sometimes.


If there is something I can relate with to Elias, that is having concern for others. This is innate to me, and I do it always.

Just like Elias, I also have concern for others. Sometimes, I do not even think twice about lending my hand to those who need my help. 

I do it voluntarily and with compassion, just like what Elias did in the novel. This is because helping others always boils down to the greater good, and this gives me a different feeling of joy.

Don Anastacio/Pilosopo Tasyo

Pilosopo Tasyo is known for his great passion for reading books. I am like that, too. Well, I do love books.

In the novel, it was mentioned that Pilosopo Tasyo spends a lot of time reading, and I have this characteristic also. 

I spend a lot of time reading books and ebooks even before entering the BSA program, and this is something I always love to do.


We really have that feeling that somehow tells us that we kind of feel related to something. Something like "ay relate ako diyan."

Indeed, having these comparisons made in a healthy way helps uplift mood and feelings. It boosts our confidence and gives us a dose of inspiration.

I hope this article helped you and somehow gave you an idea of what character trait comparison is all about. Continue learning and exploring!

Related Questions

What is character trait comparison?
Character trait comparison sheds light on the unique traits that shape one's qualities, demeanors, and relations.
What is the example of it?
It can be a comparison with oneself to another person whom you idolize and get inspired by or to a fictional character that touched your heart.
Who wrote Noli Me Tangere?
Noli Me Tangere was written by Jose Rizal.
What is freedom for you?
Freedom for me is having the feeling of coming out from a shell and finally accepting our flaws and insecurities because these are the things that restrain us from the things we want to do.
How is the lack of freedom portrayed in Noli Me Tangere?
The lack of freedom was portrayed in Noli Me Tangere through the oppression that Elias and the other characters experienced.
How is the situation similar or different from today?
Today, there is still unjust treatment or control of some people. Before, it was rampant, and you couldn’t feel the freedom to defend yourself from their cruelty, but we now have the rights that protect us.


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