Introducing Sanaol, Notes and Tips

I am McJulez, a person who loves numbers and is a passionate writer at the same time. I have been writing for more than a decade now and have become an editor in a few school papers. Back when I was still studying, I used to join journalism events, and that's where I learned to love my craft more.

Welcome to this website, where handy notes, tips or guiding gems, core insights, visual digests, and free printable materials come together to enrich learning and life lessons for students. There are two main languages being used in this website: English and Filipino.

  • Handy Notes: I consider that through my collection of personally made and concise notes, other students can also learn more in this community. Additionally, it contains several articles about reminders, thoughts, ideas, or topics about essays and the like that I find useful.
  • Guiding Gems: I also believe that by being inquisitive about the practical, unique, and heartfelt tips I am sharing, other students and individuals can get helpful insights and be empowered because such tips are based on experiences.
  • Core InsightsI believe that other students can still get the main idea and important details through summaries. It aims to help them understand better some specific topics through various discussions of quite challenging problems or questions I personally made, and how to answer them.
  • Visual Digests: I consider infographics as another learning tool, especially for those who are visual learners, and I am passionate about sharing more of these in this blog. What makes it unique from the other categories is that it has more illustrations making it suitable for those who love learning through visuals.
  • Free Printable Materials: I am also passionate about making free printables to help students become more organized and flexible with time. 
There are also special categories that are intended to narrow down vague topics.
  • Research Titles: These are just sample research topics and titles that can be used as a mere guide, and are purely for informational purposes only. They are helpful to students as well.
  • Literary: This is all about literature and analysis to guide students. Some of the blog posts under this category are written in English, while the rest are in Filipino language. Under this category are:
  • Literary Analysis: for notes written in English.
  • Panitikan: for notes written using the Filipino language.

At Sanaol, Notes and Tips, information is a valued asset. Articles are published for informational purposes. With the mission to share the above-mentioned things that I consider relevant and helpful, this blog was formed.

A Community for Constant Learning and Growth

Sanaol or Sana All is a Filipino colloquial term often used to perceive hopefulness. 

Therefore, Sanaol, Notes and Tips can be interpreted as a blog that aims to provide helpful tips, valuable learning materials, and a clear understanding of numerous topics while maintaining a high standard of professionalism, relevance, and quality that students wish to experience as well.

I was once a student, and I often get plagued with questions like these before:

  • How can I overcome the things I am not good at?
  • How can I learn to love the subjects I hate?
  • How can I boost my productivity and overcome my laziness?
  • And the list goes on.

So in this blog, I do not only share some pieces of advice and notes. I also explain things on the best of my ability which I wish I have known before. And this has been a part of the reasons why I started this blog.

Through the experiences I have had and will still experience, I want to build a community of growth and relevance. As I continue to  embark on a journey of constant learning and growth, I strive hard to share notes, practical tips, summaries, and the like that are filled with lifelong lessons. This isn't just for me, but also for my readers, and I hope you'll join me on this journey.

Contact details:

Email Address: sanaolnotesandtips@gmail.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/esaitches

Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.ph/notesntips

Twitter: https://twitter.com/SanaOlNotesTips

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